Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dia de los Muertos en la noche

We went back to the fiesta later that evening.

This is the altar created by students from Tec Milennio, a local university. It honors Miguel Hidalgo, el padre de la patria (the father of the country). This is the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence. There are 7 levels or steps that Miguel will follow to go home. Herbs or incense are burning to keep away the bad spirits. There are three crosses on the ground: one of dirt (we all return to the Earth one day), one of salt (for purity), one of ashes (in the end we are ashes). There are favorite foods for the journey, tequila to remember the good times spent on Earth. Candles, especially along the aisle, lead the way.

This student spent a long time explaining all the parts of the altar and what they meant. Another student translated his words expertly.

A Yaqui (the indigenous people) altar, a much more simple style. A good view of the crosses on the ground.

This altar was erected by family members honoring grandparents:

The audience cheered loudly after each song and chanted for another one from this singer:

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