Friday, October 8, 2010

The day before 2nd Saturday

Nicole Docimo invited me to share her space at 2nd Saturday in downtown Sacramento. 2nd Saturday is a monthly art gallery walk with independent artists also displaying and selling their work from sidewalk or parking lots spaces or booths.

I'm going to try selling some of the Christmas stockings I've been working on for the past year or so. Or at least to check out the interest level in the kind of craft I've been doing. There have been all kinds of considerations to be ready for tomorrow. Like how to display what I've got. Having enough stockings to display. Having some examples of what kind of custom work I might be able to do. Justin macgyvered a simple stand for the wooden-dowel rack I already had. Here it is in his garage as I tried to figure out how to hang the stockings. Please note the buckets of concrete: each one weighs 30 pounds. He wanted to make sure it would stand up to a 20-mph Delta breeze. He also loaned me a hand-truck for easier transportation. We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

This past week I've been fairly consumed with the excitement of this project. I've been glad for a lack of social engagements. I've forgotten to eat - a rare event. Trying to get one last stocking done tonight.
Figuring out how to load everything onto the handtruck and thinking, "Where's my sherpa?"

Loading everything into the car. I really miss my sherpa! That would be Dick.

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