Monday, October 25, 2010

"What did you do all day?"

If I was feeling like a smart-aleck, I've responded, "I haven't been sitting on the couch, watching soap operas, and eating bon-bons. That's for sure." This has always made Dick smile.

Even though I've been collecting all the supplies Dick needs in Mexico to work on the boat, I've managed to get a few other projects done this week. This is a Dia del los Muertos stocking, the first one I've made out of fabric.

When Justin saw it, he wanted one for a friend of his. I improved on the size and used a blanket stitch to finish the edges. When I showed him the finished stocking, he paused and commented that the skulls were all upside down. Jeez, I should have noticed that. Since the other side of the stocking had the skulls going the proper direction, I embroidered Stacey's name a second time.

Of all the skulls on the pattern, Justin said he like this one the best.

I think I know why. They both have the same hat. This picture was taken recently on top in Pyramid Peak in the Lake Tahoe area.

I also finished this stocking based on a picture of Lenin running.

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