Monday, September 26, 2011

Conversation @ Nicolaus Post Office

This was a day filled with errands.  My first stop was a quick one - the Nicolaus Post Office - just postage on three items.

Ronda:  Would you like some stamps?

Arlete:  Yes, the Celebrate, the Love, and the Edward Hopper sailboat.

Ronda:  The Celebrate stamps are in this box that just came today . . . just a minute and I'll open it.  These boxes are so hard to open, they're really sealed shut.  (and I waited while she checked the inventory sheet and counted out 2548 stamps, one sheet at a time.  She only had to do three recounts when the number didn't match.)  I have to count them all out before I can sell them.    (At last I paid my bill and could leave.)  You wouldn't believe what this place looked like when I started working here two weeks ago  . . . cobwebs . . . boxes stacked . . . (she continued a rather detailed list of accomplishments. I was near the door.  Then she lifted the counter top and opened the gate underneath) and you should see what we did outside . . .
 Anyway, this quick stop turned out to be 45 minutes.  I enjoyed almost every minute.

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