Friday, September 9, 2011

To Starkville, Mississippi

Bay Springs Lake is part of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, commonly known as the Tenn-Tom. It's a 234-mile man-made waterway where coal and timber are the major commodities being transported. There are 10 locks and dams along the waterway which connect the Tennessee River and the Tombigbee River.
Pharr Mounds:  there are 8 large dome-shaped Indian burial mounds scattered over 90 acres created around 100-200 AD.
There is less tree cover on this part of the Trace allowing us to see more farmland.
Old Trace:
I got a thumbs-up and a big smile for having a coffee ready for Dick at the end of today's ride.
We drove about 40 miles to Starkville and eventually found the dirt road we were looking for
and the correct driveway.
We drove slowly,as we neared the creek
to find our oasis for the next week.
Tom and Paula's house - YIPPEE!  we're here.

Miles = 3075

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