Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Bay Springs Lake, Mississippi

Today's starting point was here:
There are many historical markers and informational signs along the Natchez Trace.
This is the site of McGlamery Stand.  In frontier language, a stand was a trading post or inn - sometimes both.  Although this stand existed from 1849-1864, it's still the name of a nearby village.
The Old Trace is sometimes described as "snake-infested, mosquito-beset, robber-haunted, Indian-traveled forest path."  When one trail became too muddy, a new path would be cut.
At this point, I crossed the state line from Tennessee to Alabama:
The Tennessee River.  In the 1800s, George Colbert operated a stand and ferry here.
After 30 miles of riding in Alabama,
This is now our #1 rated campground for this trip.  Piney Grove Campground at Bay Springs Lake, operated by the Corps of Engineers.  Beautiful with great facilities.

Miles = 2997

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