Saturday, September 24, 2011

Here and Gone

Wednesday.  Dick was a driving machine and I discovered I'm not the long-distance driver I used to be. I was good for about 3 hours before I needed a break.  Dick moved us down the road farther than I expected, across Arizona and into California.  This part's a little fuzzy because I slept a good restful 8 hours in the passenger seat. 

Thursday.  When we were both too tired to drive, we did the "car-tel" thing somewhere in CA.  We got to E Nicolaus at 11:30 am.  Time to take naps, do laundry, unload the car, all the usual tasks.

Friday.  A day of errands and visiting some of our "favorite" places:

I even found some treasures to buy, but I was not so lucky at the next stop - Shipwreck Marine.

Two big plates of  mostly "green food" at Dick's favorite restaurant, Fresh Choice.
Saturday morning.   All too soon, Dick was heading off to the boat in Guaymas . . .
. . . and now what kind of fun can I find out there?

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