Friday, September 2, 2011

To Pikeville

This was a great road to ride. It was a "parkway" but there were no signs restricting bicycles at the onramp so I took a chance. Fast traffic but a very wide shoulder.  Exits were every 14-18 miles, so no worries there. 
Dick had some trouble today with flats.  I think he fixed 4 in a row before deciding to throw away that tube and start using a new one.
Dick rode the parkway until the restriction signs appeared so we ferried his bike to Hazard (NOT the town where the Dukes of Hazzard lived. The Dukes were from Hazzard County, Georgia.) where the parkway ended and it became multi-lane and unrestricted. He rode to Water Gap where I picked him up and we drove to Pikeville. We found a really (REALLY) cheap motel. As we were unloading our stuff, a local police officer came driving by, stopped, and suggested we take our bicycles inside the room tonight. We always do that anyway, but it gives you an idea of the neighborhood we were in.

Miles = 2831

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