Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going sub-Tim-inal

I just got back from two FUN days at Old Greenwood, which is near Truckee, California.
Maria & Tim's "cabin":
We all had such a good time and these are my favorite photos.  For each one, there is a smile and a story.

Friends Terri and Tom arrived on Wednesday.  Terri made a delicious dinner.
Timmy telling an action-filled story:
Upstairs, Maria and Terri are practicing and getting ready for the couples' pool tournament.
By this point in the evening, we had all gone "sub-Tim-inal."  And the guys started calling me Arlete Wu.  I need to ask for the explanation, but it has something to do with . . . uh, something about taking a lot of pictures.
So many pictures must be left on the cutting room floor in order to come up with gems like these.  Thanks, Maria and Tim, for everything!

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