Thursday, November 24, 2011

Acción de gracias

Thanksgiving. All the cruisers in the yard and at the dock got together for a potluck this afternoon. The local stores in Guaymas are pretty good about carrying a few items that los americanos like to buy at this time of year:  whole turkeys (about $2/lb), cranberry sauce, stuffing mix.  Marine ovens are notoriously small so the cruiser who roasted the turket carefully measured the opening and measured the turkey before purchase - a 17-lb bird was the limit.
The marina staff was also invited.  Marlene, who works in the office upstairs, wanted to make a traditional American apple pie, but she was a little nervous about how to do it correctly.  She stayed up all night, she said, making the crust and slicing the apples, and then asked one of the cruisers if she could bake it just before it was time to serve it.  It was important to her that the pie be warm.  She did a great job, the pie was delicious.  Marlene went home right after dinner to take a nap - she was exhausted. 
After dinner we took a look at our new (purchased used) genoa sail made from very light fabric - good for light air sailing.
It looks huge when laying on the ground, but must be flaked (folded) in a certain way for storage (the box is temporary storage).  

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  1. Bit late on this one , but looking back I can see why you chose the blue and white colours, you both have bright blue on. ha