Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road trip to Guaymas

(NOTE: Actually I'm composing this on 12 November. I've been going through blog withdrawal because I've been without the proper cable to connect the camera to the computer. Why? I lost camera #2 on the way to Guaymas, and brought back to the US camera #1 but without the correct cable. I promptly ordered the correct cable and even paid for expedited shipping - the shipping was more than the cable itself, but I was desperate. Unfortunately the expedited shipping took twice as long as it was supposed to take. That's my sad story, I have returned to good emotional blogging health. Here goes a few posts to catch up.)

Dick and I left the Bay Area on Monday 31 October and drove southward.  Over the next 3 days, we made 10 stops in 8 different cities before we crossed the border.  It was a 3-D jigsaw puzzle after the big stops as Dick had to repack the car around a 15 hp outboard, then a 60-lb anchor was added along with various
gallons of bottom paint, pieces of aluminum, whisker poles, and personal belongings.  The car was sitting lower to the ground for sure.  Our border crossing was easy and we arrived in Guaymas at sunset on Thursday 3 November. 


  1. trying to post comment .
    Whats happening . Hows the boat going .
    Hope all is well.
    Will keep in touch once I get proper internet.