Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around Guaymas this week

Painting as far as the arm can reach:
Horny burritos?  Probably this means the burritos are baked.  Hornear means "to bake."
The very best corn tortillas in Guaymas are made here:
The best rotisserie chicken comes from Pollo López - cooked over a wood fire, small potatoes are cooked below and included with every order.


  1. I will try yet another time to say gidday.
    I am very envious about how you two live.
    What a pleasure it was to meet you in Guaymas and hope we can meet up again soon.
    What are your plans. Pacific .
    You wont regret it .
    Thinking of you , Darren and Haruka

  2. I do miss Pollo Lopez , just opened before I left.
    Cant beat Dos Dos , Safari taco.

  3. Darren, your postings are doing great. So glad you're able to do this. ~Arlete

  4. Any boat pics.
    Must be nearly in the water.
    Use it or loose it !

  5. Cant stop now , but just before I forget.
    You should look into long range wifi . There are numerous products out there now that will make your internet far better and enjoyable from the boat, even if only in port.
    Im sure many will enjoy following your adventures!