Friday, November 18, 2011

To Guaymas and the boat

The sailing season is about to begin, Dick says this year there's going to be some sailing.  On Wednesday, I flew from the new Sacramento airport terminal

to Phoenix.  John and Diane, who have their boat Daydreamer on the hard (dry storage) with ours, picked me up.  We went to their house in Prescott for a couple of days before heading south.  The view from their deck of Thumb Butte and the Dollys (named after Dolly Parton):
Diane took me on a tour of the area, including Highlands Center for Natural History where she volunteers when not sailing.  School groups come here on field trips.  The butterfly roof of the main building collects rainwater for irrigation, the solar panels provide electricity - the building and grounds are energy independent.
On Friday, we left early in the morning for the long drive to Guaymas stopping along the way to pick up packages and supplies.  The reason for John and Diane's trip was to buy bottom paint.  At this time, there is NO bottom paint available in Mexico because the company is changing their label (go figure).  Of course, each stop meant repacking the truck to minimize visibility when crossing the border.
All went well, we didn't get x-rayed by the US Border Patrol and got two green lights at the customs checkpoints in Mexico. We arrived in Guaymas just after dark.

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