Monday, November 21, 2011

Boat update

The larger open space is where the 400 lb diesel engine was housed, the smaller open space held 300 lbs of hydraulics which controlled the steering.   
The last pictures I got of the nacelle construction job were take on 30 March, just before we started making the boat cover.  The yellowish area is part of the nacelle which is now attached to the underside of the bridgedeck.  The outboard engine will hang from an aluminum framework (not shown) Dick made and had welded by a local metal shop.  The outboard will be raised up when we're underway by sail.
Another view of the nacelle which was recently filled with pour-foam:

Another project: making a whisker pole, used to hold the jib sail out to the side when sailing downwind.  To buy one is about $2000, to make one cost about $50. 
Surprisingly, these final projects are going quite well.  We are still on track to go back in the water in mid-December.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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