Monday, November 7, 2011

Road trip back to California

What fun to travel again with Phyllis. On Saturday 5 November, Dick and I drove from Guaymas, crossed the border (this took 2 1/2 hours), and went one more time to Home Depot in Nogales before I dropped him close to the border so he could walk across to get to the bus station to go back to Guaymas. Meanwhile I drove to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and miraculously arrived as Phyllis' flight was landing. We spent our first night in Kingman AZ and drove to her sister's house in Bakersfield the next day. One of the fun things we do each time we visit with Carol and Jerry is a visit to Carol's art studio out in the garage.
Carol works in her studio every day and even hosts workshops with a guest artist about once a year.
Portraits by Carol:  (L-R) Silver the Brahma bull, Jeff the (female) emu who recently passed away, and Bonnie the mule. 
By Monday afternoon, November 7, I was back in E Nicolaus. 

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