Friday, June 15, 2012

Discount Fabric Warehouse

I love fabric stores and can spend a very long time discovering all the various sections: cottons: 100% or poly blends, bottom weights to make a pair of shorts (today‘s goal), patterns - any local designers? A yes to that today. Discount Fabric Warehouse was great.

An ugly building from the outside, but huge and filled with so many beautiful choices.

Hawaiian and tropical prints galore. Back in one corner, a huge section of fleece - why would anyone buy or wear fleece in Hawaii? It makes me hot just thinking about it. I was so glad Dick had lined up a bunch of alternate errands, I had plenty of time to find what I wanted and fantasize about what might be the next sewing project or two or three.
So many fabrics, so little time.  I am the woman-with-too-many-ideas-in-her-head.

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  1. Discount Fabric Warehouse "Dear Lord When I die, please leave me with a sewing machine at the great Discount Fabric Warehouse in the sky.