Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day in Hilo

Sunday, 17 June
My first solo row to shore. Climbing over the stern and lowering myself into the dinghy caused a few rapid heartbeats - it was a LONG step. The row itself was great, even easy with just me in the dinghy, no bicycle, no Dick, no bags of stuff.
Getting back out was another story. Dick had to MacGyver an intermediate step between the dinghy seat and the deck so I could get back onboard.

Lot of family celebrations on the beach

and on the water.  This little girl was so excited, "Grandma, this is sooo much fun."

For Dick today, in addition to enjoying phone calls from both his sons,he also received the first loaf of wheat bread using Mike’s recipe,

and a batch of oatmeal cookies slightly burned around the edges due to the propane oven I use.


  1. I cut a baking stone (Pizza Stone?) for the bottom of Magic's propane stove and no more burned on the bottom baked goods this year. Takes longer to heat up, but gives even temperatures. Find one and get it cut to the full size of the oven.