Saturday, June 2, 2012

Outrigger competition

Outriggers canoe clubs and racing are big in Hawaii.  There are about 20 structures like lined up in the county park.  This view from the road side:
 This view from the beach side:
On Friday, the flags are "planted."
Early in the morning, people begin arriving, selecting their place on the beach and setting up their shelters.  Every Saturday in May and June, the clubs gather to compete.  From our boat, we could see the start and hear the get-ready words, "Paddles up!"
Note the four dark spots in the water after the boats have taken off.  Swimmers hold the boats in position until the starting gun goes off.  They get into a small power boat which comes by to pick them up.
This race was four lengths (maybe 500 meters in each length?).  The turns sure look tricky.
Later in the afternoon, this outrigger came right toward our boat.  They were warming up for their upcoming race.
They were so intent and focused, no one even looked up except for
the steerer in the white shirt who wanted to know "What time is cocktail hour?"

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