Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eating out = 3

1. Ken’s Pancake House
Excellent food, but a bit pricey for our tastes. Everyone we had talked to about where to eat named this restaurant first.  Everyone we had talked to about where to eat named this restaurant first. On the wall behind the cashier, there were lots of pictures of The Rock (of wrestling fame), he must come in here a lot, and his very buff grandfather.

2. New Star Restaurant
Recommended by Trail Angel Richard. 
While Dick enjoyed the buffet, I tried a traditional Hawaiian meal calledLoco Moco: a base of rice (I chose fried rice, but steamed rice is an alternate choice), topped with a hamburger patty, an egg, and gravy - I asked for the gravy on the side thinking it might be that thick gloppy stuff you see on biscuits and gravy, but this gravy was fairly runny and probably thickened with cornstarch. 

Dick thought all the choices from the buffet were great with delicious flavors different from other Chinese restaurants; he needed three platefuls to try all the choices. However, when the waitress asked me how mine was, I had to admit the hamburger patty was dry and overcooked and the sunny-side egg was hard cooked. Usually when I make comments like this, it seems to fall on deaf ears, but not this time. The owner came out and apologized profusely, asked me if I would like something else to eat from the buffet (not necessary, I still ate almost the whole thing), brought us “dessert” (a cold meat-filled fried wonton), and then a bowl of lychee nuts from her own backyard tree. 
Lychee nuts - another new experience, surprisingly sweet and delicious. You squeeze the shell until it bursts, sticky juice getting all over your fingers, eat the shiny white part, and discard the black seed.

3.  Puff City
While Dick and I sat in Subway having lunch and waiting for our laundry to complete its cycles in the nearby laundromat, I looked across the street

and noticed a banner which said

Oh good, a restaurant that might offer healthy-eating lower-calorie options.  But no, Puff City intends to take you off your diet and entice you to eat delicious cream puffs (their specialty), tarts, and cookies.

We tried a lemon meringue tart and a cream cheese and poha turnover. Poha is a local fruit much like a gooseberry. Yum!

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