Monday, July 16, 2012

Bartering skills

We visit with Cindy and Roie almost every weekday when we row to shore or I paddleboard by.

Cindy asked if I would do a little sewing project with two beach towels. Sure! When finished, it makes a great discreet way to change your clothes at the beach. This one is actually Roie’s - it matches the color of his new stand-up paddleboard. Cindy’s is dark green.

In return, they gave me some of Roie’s wood lathe creations. I think I got the better end of this deal! Thanks, Roie and Cindy!
Roie joined a local club just one year ago. At each meeting, a challenge is given to all members to create something using the wood provided. Example: two big spheres of wood. Roie created a ball and chain. The links are made of wood, so is the lock and key, AND the key works in the lock! Roie won this challenge. In fact he’s won every challenge since he joined and is now a “master.”
Here are more examples of Roie’s creations.


  1. Hi there! We've been so busy settling in back home and catching up that we've not checked in with you for awhile. Glad you are having such a great experience - it makes all that preparation, angst and the long voyage well worth it! PS...finally got more of our blog updated as well.

  2. Carol & Kelly, thanks for checking in. I will check out your blog for sure. I think I read somewhere that cruising is 10% getting there and 90% being where you've landed. I'm definitely into the 90% part and hope the 10% will get better.

    1. You sure get out there and learn about the places you visit.
      Good on you .
      When is 10% happening, and where.

  3. Darren, we are definitely dragging our feet regarding getting out there for the 10%. We are having a lot of fun, for sure, and we need a new sail - and it's hard to make a decision about the right way to go. It could be a while before we leave the Islands - next spring?