Friday, July 6, 2012

Sightseeing: Kalapana

There was an active lava flow from 1983-91 in which the towns of Kaimu, Royal Gardens, and Kalapana were destroyed

At the end of the road, there are only a couple of Kalapana businesses left

and a few local vendors selling their goods.

A good picture of a single mango tree, although you can see orchards of them as you drive along the highway.


  1. Did you mean to say 'paw-paw' (papaya) tree Arlete? Especially love your pics of the lava landscape. You make me feel like going to Hawaii again and becoming a five-percenter......Marion

  2. Great idea Marion! You should come to Hawaii while we are still here, I'd love to meet you. I had to look it up: it's "paw paw" in Australia, papaya everywhere else, according to Wikepedia.