Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July in Hilo

During the day, Dick and I rode our bikes to a car show at a bay front county park - over 400 cars -

and. a little farther down the road, to the Hawaii State Barbecue Championship.

The prizes to be won. There were lot of cooking stations but many of them weren’t selling food to the public, they were there for the competition only. Darn.
This photo is for our friends in Mississippi and Alabama. Last summer we discovered a wonderful seasoned salt called Slap Ya Mama. Here we found Slap Yo’ Daddy, the name of a business and barbecue competitor from Diamond Bar CA.
We decided to try the barbecued chicken winner from 2011, sold from a food truck/van.  Yum!
Since the fireworks were being set off on Coconut Island, we invited Dave and Susan, and Karen from a neighboring boat, to our boat to watch them. It’s interesting to have company when the boat is at anchor. Dave and Susan kayaked from a nearby park, making sure they had their PFDs onboard and proper lighting for the trip back.  Karen rowed over from her boat, Mokulani.
The fireworks were great despite the rain and the quality of the photos I took. (Dick, I need a better camera. What a not-so-subtle hint for a future gift, huh? We‘ll see if he ever actually reads the blog.)

A photo of Karen from a few weeks ago when we first met her.  Her boat is in the background. She's restoring it after an engine fire.

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