Friday, July 6, 2012

Sightseeing: Lava Tree State Monument

There are 85 “trees” of lava formed when fast flowing lava (pahoehoe) forms around a wet o‘hia tree. As the lava cools, some of it clings to the tree, the tree inside dies leaving the impression of its bark in the hollow tube of lava.

 The lava flow occured in 1790 and also left some giant cracks in the Earth.

 Chain link fencing keeps visitor from getting to close to large cracks formed by the cooling lava and earthquakes. Dave said there are about 3000 earthquakes/year on the Big Island

As Dave was pointing out various tropical flowers he went to great lengths to retrieve a fallen
puakenikeni blossom to show how these little trumpets are strung together to make fragrant leis.


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