Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rescue in Reed's Bay

I heard a woman's voice call out several times, "Are you ok?" I had to go look. Her husband had fallen out of his kayak. He tried to reboard from the side, then from the stern, but was repeatedly unsuccessful. I told Dick to launch the dinghy in case they needed help.  Dick called out asking if they needed help and the woman said, "No" but said later she knew immediately she'd said the wrong thing.  They did need help.  She was trying to tow her husband and the kayak back to shore. 

They're from Santa Fe, New Mexico, in Hawaii on vacation.  As it turned out, the guy and Dick knew some of the same people from St John's University where Dick went to college.
They'd rented the SUP and kayak from a local company. Back on shore, they discovered there was a hole in the kayak and it had filled with water and the rental company had not provided PFDs for either of them, as required by local authorities. 

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