Friday, July 6, 2012

Sightseeing: MacKenzie Park

Ironwood trees were planted here by the forest ranger for whom the park is named.

Again beautiful views of the ocean and of the geologic formations of lava, although none of my pictures adequately show the differences in the layers (Sorry, B-in-L Tom the Geologist).

Quite the fishing spot, eh?

Note the squirt of water shooting out of a lava tube after a wave has crashed into the rocks.

Dave really wanted us to smell a local “delicacy” called noni. He was careful to pick up a ripe one from the ground with a stick and said, “If you ever leave one in your car, you’d be better off to sell the car.” Yup, it smells pretty bad!  Nevertheless, it's considered to be quite healthy with lots of good nutrients although it has a bitter taste.

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