Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dick goes fishing

A while back, you saw Dick trolling in the dinghy with no luck. He thought he needed a different lure, which he bought. In the evenings and mornings, fish continued to roll around the boat, mocking him, they would not be caught by him. Since fish are allowed to do that, it just made him want to go out and get one.

The next attempt was fishing off the stern. He called it jigging: move the pole slowly side to side, bouncing the lure. The fish were not impressed and completely ignored him.
The Micronesian lady at the Give and Take Market told me the only way to catch fish is to use the meat from the belly (at least that’s where she was pointing on her own body) because it smells the strongest. And it’s cheap.  Called "fish collars," it’s available at Safeway (and won’t show up as a coupon on the computer either). Squid is also popular but only comes in 2-pound packages. With no refrigeration on the boat … well, you can imagine what happens in a very short time here in the tropics.

He bought a small package of fish collars and tried again. Very quickly, he hooked a fish, but it was too big for his gear. It broke the line, and “ran away,” the hook and the bait in its mouth, towing a $4 weight. You know how losing the weight would bother him. Dick now understands why local people use spark plugs or pieces of lava with a hole drilled through as weights. For the next hour, Dick fretted about the poor fish that jumped around for an hour trying to get the hook out of his mouth.

The next day, he bought heavier line and a net, but hasn’t attempted to fish again. Good thing, his bait had already disappeared (I wonder who threw it away), a gift of food for all who remained in the waters beneath our boat.


  1. There aint nothing like a feed of fresh caught fish.
    Straight in the pan and on the plate, its just delish.
    Sprinkle with a bit of good old salt and pepper.
    A squeeze of lemon and some garlic, even better!
    So get out there Dick, dont worry about that weight
    Float it round on top, in the afternoon not so dark and late.
    Dont feel bad about the hook in it mouth,
    A couple of days and its all but rusted out.
    Fresh fish fillet or Safeway spam.
    I know where id say they can jam, (sorry, for humor only)
    So my suggestion Dick , get that line back in the water.
    It will of course get eventually shorter.
    But think of the thrill of bringing that catch in,
    The small cost is far from sin.
    Keep an eye on your bait though, It seems to disappear.
    Otherwise just jump in and use a spear.
    Good luck now, you have nothing to waiste
    Other than that beautiful fresh fish taste.

  2. Excellent, Darren. So glad you took the time to write this poem. I love it. Good news, Dick found a heavy chunk of rock with a hole through the center to use as a weight.