Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This week in Reed's Bay

(Hey look, Darren!) Dick went fishing at dusk one evening. We see lots of big fish feeding at the surface all the time, “mocking fish” Dick calls them.

No luck this evening. Probably that big ship scared them all away. The Pride of America comes to Hilo every Tuesday morning and promptly pulls away from the dock at 6 pm.

This girl’s laughter was infectious, her antics were hilarious. She was having such a good time with her dad.

He paddled from a kneeling position because when he was standing she was rocked the paddleboard trying to make him fall.

Four people and a dog on one paddleboard - oh my.

“Look lady, I caught some seaweed for you.” 
“That’s nice but you should put it back in the water.”


  1. My fishing jokes , are a bit foot in mouth. I have been in Cairns Inlet now a week , and put a line in once. Tinnies fishing all around me.
    Cairns is just an excuse for me to be on the boat. I can still bring in the truck and try and work, which is still very, very slow here.Home is 40 min drive, 6-10 hours sail, for me 2-3 days.Even single handed now.
    The paddle boarding looks fun.
    You guys surely get out and about and learn about the area. Good on you!
    No inflatable yet I see.

  2. Don't wait for an inflatable to show up, it will never happen. Wow, you're singlehanding Cool Cat - impressive.