Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This week in Reed's Bay

Balquhidder anchored near us for a few days. The crew of three started in New Zealand,  They're delivering the boat to the owner in Seattle. The owner had been on a circumnavigation but was diagnosed with cancer and went home for treatment.

I am coming in for a landing after a morning paddle. I feel like I’m trying to land on an aircraft carrier. I start my approach from far far away, heading into the wind, and constantly adjust my course to parallel the hull - I am laser-focused.

It’s late afternoon and the trade winds are strong. The man felt safer in the kneeling position, woman was really leaning into each stroke, and their forward progress was minimal. I do not paddle in these conditions. Waves and wind have occasionally picked up after I’ve started, not a good thing for a big chicken like me.

Finally, thank you to Lavonne who towed our dinghy back to the boat after it came untied from the stern on a rather windy day. 
The tie-er of the knot won't make that mistake again, will he?

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  1. Again.
    Should I write a poem,
    No better leave that one alone.