Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The romance is gone + Spam

That would be Dick’s romance with Safeway. Every time, after buying his purchases, he would have to ask for an adjustment and refund because the price charged did not match the printout he’d gotten from the computer. One day a couple of weeks ago, the clerks at Safeway finally got tired of dealing with Dick and his magic card, they put him on the phone with someone at the head office. Because Dick’s card was originally created in California and because Safeway’s computer system was not designed to coordinate different locations, he was getting cheaper California prices in much more expensive Hilo. The head office person decided to deactivate Dick’s card. He responded, “No problem, my wife has a card.“ THAT was a mistake. Program not giving discount, showed up on compute, not at register, no one could identify the problem and they would adjust price to printout (CA price). They were so tired of dealing with him and his magic card, they called the head office in Pleasanton CA, that was the end of that card, they deactivated it, NO problem my wife has a card, oops, now they wanted to link both cards to one email address. So sad, “I’ve haven’t enjoyed shopping at Safeway ever since.”
Spam! Way popular in Hawaii. You see it as an option to many dishes on restaurant menus: sandwiches, eggs, loco moco, and many more. Dick and I both grew up eating Spam and loved it, but American culture put it in the unacceptable-to-eat category. We bought some in Mexico before leaving because Spam and tuna would be the only meats onboard due to no refrigeration. If you chop it small and fry it well, and use it sparingly. It’s almost like bacon, the less-sodium type is still very salty. According to one of the food magazines I read, 2012 is the 75th anniversary of Spam and two new varieties will be available for a limited time - jalapeño and black pepper - but it hasn’t shown up in Hawaii yet.

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