Sunday, August 19, 2012

Out of touch

I know when I start getting emails from friends and faithful blog followers saying “Why aren’t you blogging? Is everything ok?” that I’ve been neglectful about keeping in touch. What have I been doing? Staying on the boat and sewing - which I didn’t think was very interesting to blog readers.
Nevertheless here’s a look at what has kept me away from the blog.

Just had to make a patchwork purse to match the top:

The purse construction didn’t go very well - my mother would say I had to “schnitzel” to make it come out right (I’m not sure what that actually means in German slang) - I tried again:

Then I found a cute Hawaiian print and made a few coin purses, sometimes called “wristlets” in the purse world, and embroidered names on the loops.

Here’s one for Cindy. She and Roie have been so friendly and kind whenever we go to shore. For granddaughter Sophia, age 3, adding handles to make a mini-purse seemed like a better idea. (Cindy, if you see this post before I actually give the wristlet to you … surprise!)

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