Sunday, August 5, 2012

This week in Reed's Bay

The quotidian (our new word this week) rain of Hilo sent us back to the boat instead of going snorkeling. We were soaked!

"Uncle" gives another dinghy ride.  The kids' mom say they are so excited when it's time to go to the beach.  "I hope Uncle will be there."  One day, the dinghy was there but we were gone the whole time.  The kids didn't want to leave, they were guarding the dinghy for Uncle.   

This landscape worker in front of the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel had a heck of a time keeping his umbrella in postion - the wind kept blowing it sideways.

Grandfather and granddaughter: her first time on a paddleboard.

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  1. It's almost a relief to see that unlike in Queensland 'beautiful one day, perfect the next' Hilo can get drizzly. With water sports though, it probably doesn't matter that much.........Marion