Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Around the neighborhood

The Coast Guard plays chase in the bay as they practice their interdiction strategies with guns drawn and orders delivered by loudspeaker.
It's amazing what Dick is able to carry on his bicycle.  The ladder will be transformed to improve boarding the boat from the stern (picture of completed project to follow).  Of course the scraps will be saved for some unknown future project. 

It's about 1/4 mile of rowing to get to shore.  L-R: Coast Guard station, dinghy dock, boat ramp.  The cruise ship is on the other side of the bay.

No landing on the shore in Lihue, but climbing in and out of the boat is better if someone holds it close to the dock.  Otherwise, it's hold the painter (the line you tie to the cleat), put your knee on the concrete dock and move fluidly, no hesitating, get on all fours and slowly stand up old-lady style - that's my way.  Dick just stands on the seat and steps onto the dock. 

There are two kayak companies nearby.  This one caters only to tour groups, here receiving some basic instruction before heading onto the Hulei'a Stream.

Everything is uphill from Nawiliwili Harbor.  This hill is particularly steep and slow-going for big trucks and bicycles.

Yay!  The new genoa sail arrived.  Heavy!

Health note:  Dick hurt his back last Wednesday loading the dive gear from the dinghy onto the boat.  He's been on an ibuprofen cure and resting ever since Greg and Nicole left last Friday.  As of this morning, I think he's turned the corner and starting to feel a bit better.


  1. This is why boats/cats like yours are such good buying . By the time you guys are finnished cruising ,when and if ever, the boat will be in great shape for the next owner with all the, make life easy and safety mods.
    I just gotto get back out there.
    ps , I do like our shower and dunny though.

  2. Yes, an onboard shower would be nice. What's a dunny?

    1. A dunny is a loo,
      Where you can pee and poo,
      Because sometimes off the back , it could get a bit funny.
      Not to mention the occasional big moon view.

  3. Darren, you are quite the Aussie poet!