Monday, October 1, 2012

Greg and Nicole: day 3

7 am: mimosas to start the day - oh my! But why?
It's NFL football on Sunday.  This means a 1 pm game in New York is a 10 am game in California which is a 7 am game in Hawaii.  It was the San Francisco 49ers v the New York Jets, however that is NOT what this picture shows.  With about 8 minutes left in the game and the score SF 34 - NYJ 0, they switched to a "more competitive game."  What?!!!!  Noooo.  But the Fox Network couldn't hear us. 
After the game, we "Skyped" to San Jose CA to wish Dick's mother (Greg's grandmother aka Leta) happy birthday at a family get-together.  It was also sister Aurora's birthday, born 33 years after Leta.
A trip out to our boat to pick up some dive gear.  Thank goodness there was much less wind this afternoon with minimal wave action.
The grand tour:
A walk on the beach at Lydgate Park in the evening:

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