Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gathering walnuts

The last few days kept me busy finishing the binding on Mom's quilt and taking her to the doctor.

In between those times, I gathered walnuts and shelled quite a few.  Justin planted the first trees in 2006. By 2010, there were 38 walnuts trees.

Harvesting is a stoop-and-bend exercise.  I gathered 4.5 pounds that way last Wednesday.

8 pounds on Friday with less stooping and more reaching up into the tree and plucking the walnut from the hull.

In a craft magazine I found these cute owls which called for "ground walnuts, available in pet stores" to use as stuffing in the bottom 2/3 of the owl. 

I put some shells in a paper sack and starting hammering.  When the bag broke, I scooped out the usable more-ground-up walnuts, and put the remaining shells in another paper bag for the next pounding session.

All of a sudden, the flock had grown to 4:

The next walnut project, Pumpkin Balls, rolled in toasted walnuts.  So good!

I figured out how to print labels:

My walnut projects for this trip have now ended.  The Giants are up in the World Series 3-0!  Life is good.  Time to pack up my stuff into one carry-on bag and have one last fantastic meal - baby back ribs.

The grill master:
Tomorrow I fly back to Hawaii.


  1. I want some baby back ribs.
    They look like something I could chew on.
    ps , no big wave pictures, I hope.

  2. I agree. Those ribs look nearly as delicious as the crayfish Darren caught with his spear gun the other day. As for those owls, they are on cuteness par with those piggly wiggly teatowels you embroidered..........Marion

  3. Those ribs were amazingly delicious! I'll trade you, Darren, ribs for crayfish. You speared them? How big are Aussie crayfish? Thank you, Marion, for the compliment about the owls - they were fun to make.