Saturday, October 20, 2012

Poof! Back in California

8am HST/11am PST: phone call from Thais, Mom was in the hospital. Row to shore, get online, check out the flights from Lihue to Sacramento.

My choices were limited. Flights all day long ranging in price one-way $468-$2000. All of them would take about 20 hours, I'd arrive around 6 pm the NEXT day. Example: one flight went from Lihue HI-San Jose CA-Portland OR-Boise ID-Sacramento CA. I checked the price of just the first leg to San Jose. $148, departing in a bit less than 2 hours. Big thanks to Katie, latest "trail angel" from my hularobics class at KAC for getting me to the airport on short notice.

1:45pm/4:45:  Just a 10-minute wait before boarding.
1 am PST:  After renting a car a the San Jose Airport, I drove to Sacramento and spent the night at Thais' house.  Sophia demonstrated how she climbs up the couch,
and crawls over the wall, to drop onto Carter's pillow on the other side.
Meanwhile Avery carefully considered a putt.

 11:30 am:  After being admitted for dizziness, low blood pressure and some bleeding, Mom rebounded quickly.  Blood tests came back looking good.  However the hospital staff was unable to give her several tests to exactly determine what was wrong.
Does her face ever light up when she sees Justin!

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