Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greg and Nicole: day 4

Tunnels Beach, near Hanalei, on the north side of the island.
A day for the guys to go diving.  That's a blue shirt on Dick's head - he forgot to put on sunscreen.
Final consultation before heading out.  Unfortunately, visibility was poor and they never got to see the "tunnels" in the reef.  Dick accidentally surfaced only to discover the current had taken them waaaaaay down the beach.  They didn't have a good morning of diving.
But not all was lost.  We drove to the south side of the island, to Koloa, where they had a really good dive and saw lots of fish. 
All of these pictures were taken by Nicole.  Thanks for sharing them with me.


  1. Looks great, bet they enjoyed every minite.
    You guys continue to amaze me with your ability to get out there and do it. With fantastic pics to prove it.
    Im in Cairns on the boat ,have been for 2 weeks or more, but sure not as much fun as being there as Im trying to work at the same time. things are picking up slowly.

  2. Darren, that darn work gets in the way of having fun, but it's a necessary evil. I'm so glad work has picked up a bit for you. Very important to build up the sailing kitty. Hi! to Haruka.