Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camping NE of Folsom Lake

Friday-Sunday, 7-9 August.

On our way out of town, we stop to see Mom.

We are in Pilot Hill on Hwy 49. From here it's 19 miles to Folsom, 9 miles to Auburn, 17 miles to Placerville, and of course 9 miles on Rattlesnake Bar Rd - mostly a 1 1/2 lane-wide road with 2-way traffic and cliffs on the passenger's side that made me close my eyes.

Oops! There are always things we forget. This time, it was enough cash to pay for the campsite for 2 nights and a sharp knife. We bought a $2 sharp paring knife and it promptly broke. Dick was determined to use it all weekend. Therefore here you see Dick using the remnants like a razor blade to finely slice cabbage.

And there was no hose to connect the stove to the propane bottle, so we bought a bag of briquets in Cool. It lasted for 3 meals.

At this time of year, it's dry and dusty. This is the downward path from where the car was parked.

The upward path from the lakeside.

The water is quite low in Folsom Lake.

A morning walk.

Maybe this is an acorn woodpecker or a scrub jay. A scrub jay is capable of gathering and burying 400 acorns/hour and will harvest 5000 acorns in a season. Only half will be retrieved. The rest are dug up by other animals, disintegrate or sprout. Most oak saplings die before they mature.

The end of the 0.8 mile trail.

We need more ice on our second day of camping. A second trip to Cool and we discover Cool Beans and must of course try out their coffee.

The first grange in CA was established in Pilot Hill in 1870.

Friday night

Saturday night

What I LOVE the most about camping with Dick is he does all the cooking. This is also true for bicycle touring, sailing, and traveling. I prefer to cook in a kitchen with a recipe.

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