Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mike and Nicole & Davis Farmer's Market

The city of bicycles: we're on the campus of UCDavis

Mike and Dad outside Bainer Hall where Mike has his lab and office.

Mike is getting his doctorate in materials science.

Mike explains his project: how lipids move at the molecular level. Dick listens intently, I take pictures.

The poster is from a presentation Mike made at a conference in New York.

On to the farmer's market in a downtown park.

Families gather for the evening meal.

And so do we. Mike and Nicole are getting married in Aspen CO on September 26. It was fun to catch up on each other's lives after a long separation!

Good news! Lucy loved the the picnic food I left in the refrig for them: shrimp cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad, and raspberry jam-filled cookies. She told me later that evening that she didn't think she would like it at first, but ate the entire sandwich with enthusiasm. Am I stretching her food boundaries?

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