Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dick Meets a Weird Samaritan

Dick went to Goodwill to look for dress pants and maybe a jacket or shirt to wear to Mike & Nicole's September wedding. Inside the store, Dick noticed a man staring at him. The guy pointed at him and said, "Gimme your address. I'm going to send you five suits. They'll fit you perfect." Dick made some excuses and left.

A while later, in the parking lot, the man spotted him again and asked, "What size are you? 42? 44? I have the perfect suit for you." A conversation began. He said, "I just live up the street. Come over to my house. I have just what you need." Dick finally agreed and then helped him unload his car-ful of donations to speed things up.

At his house, he showed Dick all kinds of clothing and handed him 4 pair of slacks. "Wait! Wait!!" he said and went in the house, coming back with a very nice sport coat.

Dick asked him why he was getting rid of all this stuff. The man responded, "Since I've moved back in with my wife, I've lost 27 pounds. None of these clothes fit anymore."

At that point Dick thanked him, they shook hands and introduced themselves. That's how Dick met James.

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