Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning Walk & Sophia, Helping Out

We went for a walk around the ponds. Over the tracks to lots of dry grass and a shrunken pond

A brisk south breeze was blowing. Good sailing weather!

When I told Dick I've always like the color and shape of this weed, he told me a story from his childhood. When roaming the local fields, he and his friends called it "Indian tobacco." They would cut a 3"-or-so length from the lower stalk and light it up.

Later, a few hours with Sophia so Thais could work from home.

Helping our at Jim and Lucy's. Dick
fixed two shower faucets.

Arlete helped Jim with a gardening project and took a chance with dinner. Lucy said she doesn't like soup, but to go ahead and make Mexican Ham & Bean. She liked it, so did Jim and Dick. The just-add-water Marie Callender's cornbread was also good.

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