Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sophia, Housesharing with Jim and Lucy

Family. Sophia is 4 months old on August 6. This is Thais' first week back at work. This morning is her first 1/2 day of working at home. I got to take care of Sophia while Dick took my mom for her annual checkup followed by blood tests and a chest x-ray, and after Mom was settled back at her place, we got to watch her together and visit with Thais.

Housesharing. Dick and I are living with Jim and Lucy until we head out on another adventure. Dick is going to help around the house and yard. I'm going to be their personal dinner chef. It's so much fun learning about the food preferences of another person and my goal is to discover what their favorite dishes might be. Lucy doesn't like cheese unless it's sprinkled on top of a salad. She likes pinto beans, but not black beans.

Tonight I was only moderately successful. I made a very large BLT Bread Salad. Although it tasted ok, Lucy didn't feel "full" at the end of the meal. So she brought out a Krusteaz berry cobbler box, I mixed it up and put it in the over (darn! I messed up the topping and it was not crumbly), and Dick and I went for some ice cream. That did the trick.

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