Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Jim & Lucy

A week ago, both Jim and Lucy thought their anniversary was either August 24 or 25. Jim checked the engraved wine glass in the china cabinet and discovered it was actually today, August 26. He decided to surprise Lucy by sending flowers to Lucy at work.

It was the biggest bouquet I've ever seen. Jim definitely loosened the purse strings on this one.

Lucy had trouble getting it into her vehicle to bring home. Dick had to help get it out.

The peacock feathers were a humorous addition to the arrangement.

There's an annoying neighborhood peacock which jump-flies from roof to roof and walks around the yard, leaving a mess in its wake, until the dogs decide to chase it away.

Dick and I got a fruit basket cake from New Roma Bakery, which shifted slightly before serving. Last week, Lucy and Dick were discussing how delicious this particular cake is.

Friends came over in the evening:
L: Virginia, Jim's step-mother.

R: Lupita
L-R: Neighbors Archie and Sandy Sanders, Jerry (Lupita's husband).

Chief is in the foreground.

L-R: Jim, Jerry & Susan Trautman, Jimmy Reed.

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