Friday, August 14, 2009

Fear of Welt Pockets

Early Friday morning, I head to Justin's for some focused sewing on the jacket I want to wear to Mike and Nicole's wedding in September.

I am afraid of welt pockets. I've put off working on this jacket because the welt pockets are next.

My mom always made my welt pockets in the past. Since she's 90 and I'm 60, maybe it's time to break through this roadblock.

My tip for straight lines: use low-tack masking tape between end points, then baste or stitch.

NOTE (added Jan 2010): I think the only picture of the finished jacket appears at Sophia's baptism on 16 Jan 10.

Justin cooked some chicken breasts on his George Forman grill. I made a sandwich for Justin before I left then went back to Jim and Lucy's to make more for all of us before friends came over later in the evening.

L-R: Jerry Trautman, Les Thayer, Jim Reed.

L-R: Susan Trautman, Lucy Reed, Dot Thayer.

Lucy made a fire on the back patio. Dick and I made apple-cinnamon s'mores for everyone.

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