Sunday, March 20, 2011

Building the nacelle, part 1

Over the past few days, Dick has been working on the nacelle which will be mounted in the center of the boat close to the stern. It will tilt down with the outboard attached and protect it when we are motoring. The vertical piece is 4 layers of plywood glued together. He cut a hole in his work table to hold it in place. A block of wood screwed into the work table to hold the strip of thinner plywood which needed to curve:
Time to attach the larger pieces of plywood which must curve also.
The string is adjusted to hold the pieces in place:

Screws hold the curved sides to the vertical piece:

A cover over the front is screwed in place:

Kevlar scraps are epoxied over the joints:

I couldn't get a good picture of it, but Dick has also poured foam inside to coat the walls:

He's not done yet, stay tuned.


  1. Been a while since I checked up on you. Looks like life is still interesting for you two. ENJOY!

  2. Bill, life is still very good although I wish we were sailing instead of sitting in the work yard. Soon it will get quite hot and we'll have to relocate until next fall. Great to hear from you.