Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update on Cool Cat

There she sits at the fuel dock. Two nights ago, Darren's anchor alarm went off again in 30-40 knot winds.
He let out 30 meters of chain and was down to the nylon rode which then became entangled in one of the props. He had no choice but to cut the line and let the anchor go. Both engines started this time, so maneuvering the boat back to the marina fuel dock was easier. Two marina workers were there to grab the lines.

This afternoon, after a couple of days and many many hours of dragging the bottom, with the help of George and Rupert, Darren recovered his anchor. It's the only significant anchor he's got, and now has to deal with its possible inadequacy and whether to buy another one before he sets off for Australia.


  1. Hi Dick and Arlete,
    I'm Darrens daughter Rebecca and saw your comment on the blog so decided to come and have a look, hope you don't mind. I'm glad Dads helping you out when you need it and he has mentioned that there is alot of nice people that are willing to help him out which he is greatful for.
    Thankyou for looking after him :)

  2. Hi Rebecca, we are enjoying getting to know your dad and learning some Australian words. We've learned that our bicycle is known as a "pushy" or a "treadly". Today he ate mole (MO-lay), a typical Mexican meal not the little rodent, and I'm going to teach him how to make quesadillas. Thanks so much for posting to my blog. I appreciate it very much since so few people post comments.

  3. Hi Dick and Arlete,
    I'm Darren's other daughter Ashlee. Thanks for helping him out, I sure do get worried about him out in Mexico and it's nice to know that someone lends him a hand when he is in need for one. I'm sure he help you guys out to. Buying a catamaran has been a dream of his for a while and I still cannot believe he is over in Mexico! I was on Skype with him the other day and he showed me outside and Mexico looks beautiful! and the Carnival lights were pretty!
    I hope all is going well.