Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preparations for Carnaval continue

This four-lane road is now down to two lanes as vendors set up along the sides. Traffic is still moving though the area at this point. In a few days, barricades will keep out all vehicles.

Half of this side street has been taken over by Carnaval vendors:

Sidewalks are more crowded:

I liked the way Britney Spears is supposed to draw people to this ride:

Behind the scenes: motorhomes, pickup camper shells, and other rustic accomodations house the carnival workers and their families:

This is my usual walkway to get from the marina to Avenida Serdán and its businesses, but I'm now reluctant to use it now. Many workers and families live here. There are tents pitched in the trailers of the semis. Laundry is done by hand on a low wide cement wall to the left using buckets of water taken from the bay. It's then hung to dry on the chain link fence.

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