Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Haruka arrives!

There's a happier man in the marina now, Darren. Haruka arrived today and I think there's a bigger smile on his face, even if it's not evident in this picture.
The first restaurant to try out was Doney's (doh-NAYS), just two blocks from the marina. What should Haruka try first? Their most popular item is papas locas (crazy potatoes): baked potato inside a foil boat shape, topped with chopped carne asada (grilled beef), a bit of corn, and a creamy cheese sauce.

They turned the overhead lights off periodically and we wondered why. It was a warm night and the palomitas (literally this means "popcorn" but it also referred to the flying bugs) swarmed around the lights. Hundreds more than what's in this picture:

Then the palomitas would fall into your food or, in this case, find their way into your shirt.

As long as the lights were off, the palomitas stayed at bay. Keep those lights turned off!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there,
    Dad looks horrible in the first picture, he must be overwhelmed that Haruka was there and was getting no sleep. He is so much happier now!
    Those bugs are gross!! Thats Unlucky of you getting it down your top I would have freaked out!!