Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kevlar: final day

Hurray! the application of the kevlar is finished. We started early in the morning because it gets pretty hot in the middle of the day.
While Dick mixes the last batch of epoxy for a final overall coat, Darren got a gleam in his eye, picked up a saw, winked at the photographer and prepared to end all of Dick's future boat projects:

Dick survived.


  1. Hey It's Ashlee, Darrens youngest daughter. Dad (darren) is such a poser. I hope all is going well and everyone is healthy. I believe Haruka, Darrens partner is there now, will be good for dad to have some company. I hear you might be sailing with him to Tahiti or something like that...

    Bye for now

  2. Its Darrens other daughter :D, I'm glad he's helping out! I'm glad that you help each other. Thanks for the update I check back in here every day :)
    Lucky Dad didn't cut Dicks head off... He can get a bit nasty soemtimes :D

  3. Hi Dick and Arlete.............It's Marion, Darren's Mum (Sydney). I would never have imagined that Darren could have found such good neighbours after leaving his lovely little community behind near Cairns. It's very reassuring. I've enjoyed reading your blog and most recently viewing the pics of the Mardi Gras in Guaymas. It all sounds like a very exciting and different lifestyle.

  4. Thank you Ashlee, Rebecca, and Marion for posting comments. I love hearing from you. I don't think I'll be sailing with Darren & Haruka when they leave but Dick is planning to go at this time. Living in Guaymas for the past two years (but not in the summer when it's way too hot), we have gotten to know the city and have come to love it and its people.