Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Tucson and back

Thank you so much to Rupert and Judy for loaning us their car for this trip. Our main purpose was to drive to Tucson to pick up LOTS of stamoid fabric so I can sew a whole-boat cover. We came back with lots of other goodies for other people. Behind the boxes/bags is Darren's new 65-pound Roca anchor. No more dragging anchor for Cool Cat, we hope. Also, three cases of wine from Trader Joe's where we discovered "two-buck Chuck" is now $3/bottle. Everyone was happy except for us. I had the fabric sent to a UPS freight address, they did not accept delivery of our non-commercial packages and sent both boxes back to Indiana. Grrr! A call to the shipper (Sailrite) to arrange for reshipment to a proper address. When we got back, Khaya was gone. That's Rupert in the picture carrying half of his dinghy to the launch ramp. He said he feels like a turtle in a shell.

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