Friday, March 25, 2011

Sailing & dinner with Darren & Haruka

This afternoon, we went for a sail on Cool Cat. Oh, to be young and agile again. Darren and Haruka jump! onto the dock from the boat and take the longest strides when getting back onboard.

After we were anchored again, I made quesadillas and Haruka made delicious stir-fried prawns.


  1. Hi Arlete, I can almost smell the qursadillas and prawns you and Haruka are cooking. Makes me think it's about time Marion and I went to our local Mexican restaurant for some fahitas and a few margaritas. Darren and Haruka enjoy the company of you and Dick, thankyou. Not all that long now before they take off...George

  2. Hi George, so great to hear from you. Yes, in about 2 weeks, they hope to set sail for the Marquesas. I told Darren to keep in touch with you regarding position and progress, and then you can email me the info. Will that work for you?